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Aeronautical structures

Using latest-generation 3-, 4- and 5-axis
machining centres, Mesotec is able to provide
a reliable supply of structural components to
North American aerospace industry leaders.


Engine parts

The reliability of the mechanical components
manufactured by Mesotec for civil aviation and
military engine applications has been recognized
by several original equipment manufacturers.



Mesotec provides you with the quality and
precision that you expect. Whether in aeronautics
or specialty industries, Mesotec uses a turnkey
method to make or repair all types of tools.


High precision machining specialist.

Since 1977, Mesotec makes a lasting impression with major aerospace manufacturers. Its dynamic and qualified team is its clients’ assurance of accelerated production.


Combining excellence and precision

The manufacturing of individual or volume components, assemblies, tools and equipment that are highly complex and of high mechanical precision is done in its state-of-the-art facilities. Mesotec’s ongoing commitment is to meet your most demanding requirements.